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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Your Mazda Girls"

Here's a real little heartbreaker. I've been in Thailand for almost 4 months now, recovering from various long-standing and largely self inflicted ailments and things are going pretty goddamn nicely.

While living back in Toronto, I'd been driving a 'trick taxi', as my friend Fernando called it. You can read the story at: How To Murder Your Children For Fun + Profit
Anyway, a couple days ago three of the regular girls I used to drive around sent me some money and good wishes. "Hope you're staying clean and riding in the sun. Love, your Mazda Girls."
I drove them around in a beat up old Mazda sedan I had then. That's what I mean about a little heartbreaker. Even the toughest continent-crossing, off-road dirt riders who hang around my local here in Chiang Mai got all misty when I told them. Gets ya right here, as they say.
So, yeah, I ended up with a very rare Japan-market only 2002 Kawasaki TR250 dirtbike. What a beauty. And okay, so I'm kinda beat up and have put myself through the wringer, like pretty much all of us, but I figure at 54 years of age I can finally say, with some conviction, today is today and today is good.
So, my Mazda Girls, thanks from the bottom of my scarred old heart. I am staying clean and I am riding in the sun...