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Saturday, June 30, 2012


My deepest thanks go out to everyone who came out to the four shows in Toronto and Montreal and to Tightrope Books for doing an incredible job on publishing MOUNT ROYAL. The book is beautifully printed and bound and is already moving well.

I'm back in Asia now and tired from several weeks on the road but feeling good and ready to settle in to work on the next one... HOW TO FUCK YOUR PSYCHIATRIST.
You can read some early notes and chapter drafts, etc at EXPLICIT CINEMA.
They aren't finished pieces of writing but will give you a good idea of where this thing is headed. The plan is to have a finished manuscript by the end of this coming winter and to have the book see the light of day in the fall of 2013. But as always, Inshallah...

The e-book version of MOUNT ROYAL should be out by mid-August and I'll be doing some podcasts soon and an audio book version is in the works as well, along with some more videos of others reading excerpts. So much to do and yes, I still feel like one very lucky dude...

Thanks again to all and now that I'm back in Thailand, I'll again be posting regularly.
Stay well, my friends, and remember to give the occasional nod and wink to our old pal, Lucem Ferre...


Friday, June 8, 2012


Intro & Chapter 1 of Mount Royal: there's nothing harder than love

Anecdote about a parasite creep called Joe Douchebag

The Sphinx, excerpt from Mount Royal: there's nothing harder than love

Biftek, excerpt from Mount Royal: there's nothing harder than love

Excerpt from my next book, a novel-in-progress called: How To Fuck Your Psychiatrist,
coming from Tightrope Books, fall of 2013

AND... Check out the lovely and fetching Rebecca read a passage from...

Just so charming!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only Time Will Tell...

First printed copy...

Haven't posted in a while. Back in Toronto from SE Asia. I'm here for 6 weeks to launch my novel and like i said on Facebag, compared to Thailand this place is like going to church every fucking day. First thing that struck me is how quiet it is. Noise wise - but also in terms of psychic reverb. It runs at almost imperceptible levels.

I catch the odd spike from individual people but there's no generalized easiness you find over there, when an entire country doesn't give much of a shit about small stuff. Maybe it's cuz large personal financial debt isn't a birthright? Who knows. Whatever it is, coming back to Toronto after 8 months of walking through streets where the sensuality's so thick you can cut it with a machete, this place feels positively eunuchoid. Talk about your cock softening gloom. Well, when everybody's ass is owned by the bank, they must be pretty goddamn sore.

But there are a few glimmers of light. I was watching Steven Leckie, the legendary former Viletones singer, in a YouTube interview and he said something that kind of encapsulates what I'm getting at. He said that these days Marlon Brando's brooding would be considered dysfunctional and something would have to be done about it.

I'm staying with an old friend in High Park and there's something that's just too much to bear about watching these nice young white couples with their nice young white babies and their fuel efficient cars and their overvalued beautiful homes - there's something pathological about them. A kind of unacknowledged hysteria far beneath the surface. You know that statistically speaking, a certain number of them will be pedophiles and psychopaths but at the moment they're happily loading strollers into their sporty new hatchbacks, their officious little wives having given up sexuality for motherhood - too stupid to realize one actually feeds the other.

Hey, maybe everybody just needs a good black and blue and bloody ass-whipping to get their priorities in order. Maybe I'm just biased but it seems to have worked on some friends of mine and me. And I don't mean some fetlife bullshit paddle with rivets and wearing Texas Chainsaw skin mask. I mean a friendly, easy going thing with dad's old black leather belt, made supple and soft with time and use. But that might just be my own personal sense of salvation and won't work for everyone. Oh, well. Their tough luck.

So if you're in Toronto this Wednesday June 6th, come out to the launch party for my new novel, MOUNT ROYAL: there's nothing harder than love
It's at the Revival Bar at 783 College Street, a block or so east of Ossington.
Doors open at 7:30pm and I'll be going on at about 8 and there's no cover.
I'll read you a bunch of dirty shit and then we can get down to the serious business of drinking, dancing and bullshitting. See you there...